Tekila Movies and the Millennials

When Lehman Brothers went down, two generations commanded the designs of our vaunted western civilization: the Baby Boomers and Generation X. The next of the demographic timeline is Generation Y, or more commonly known as the Millennials. The one who was the best-prepared generation encountered a concrete, stony and unscalable wall, just as it set foot in the working world. Millions of illusions frustrated and trampled by the relentless Crisis of 2008.

The generation that absorbed most of its knowledge through the Network, which made technology its daily issue, was destined to continue the plan established by the heroes of the predecessor generations. Heroes who spread and expanded the advances in digital technology as the future of a healthy and ever changing society. A destination that seemed to disappear in a short instant.

The Millennials seemed to have no place in the new established order. They emigrated, sought work beyond their knowledge, took the street to protest for a future that had been taken away. Until finally they found in the creativity the way out of the labyrinth of that damn recession. They undertook and clung to the digital world that their ancestors created for them. They built their own businesses and found ways to transform the new world they had inherited.

Tekila Movies are Millennials. Young fresh people that justo went out of the film school who believe in their ilusion, their courage and their enthusiasm, who have built their future based on their solid creativity. The team of Tekila Movies bases its philosophy on adaptation, in the effort of its members to discover the new ways offered by the new economic reality that surrounds them. They pursue the vanguard, seek to go one step ahead, aware of its tremendous potential. Tekila Movies are made up of members of the generation who thought they lost everything, but that is proving that, once again, the future is in their hands.